Substance Use Disorder Prevention Specialist

What you do:

  • Work with youth by providing prevention education about substance use and misuse and other high-risk activities
  • Plan and implement programs in schools or communities to encourage youth and young adults to have a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Plan and implement programs in schools or communities that provide education and support to families
  • Provide education on mental health promotion and wellness strategies

What does it take to become a prevention specialist?

High school diploma or equivalent

College degree

Training/Supervised hours

How many hours? One year of full-time prevention related experience, 120 contact hours of prevention education, and a nationally approved credentialing exam.

Are you interested in this role?

Explore open positions at Athena Forum. Related titles you may see, include:

  • Prevention Systems Manager

Are you interested, but don’t have the requirements yet? Check out related roles such as, Student Assistant Professional here and Community Coalition Coordinator here.

Additional resources and information:

Join one of the fastest-growing credentials in the field of substance use disorder behavioral health care! Learn more about what substance use prevention specialists do and how to become certified.

View job opportunities at the Athena Forum.

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